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Welcome to Guernsey NZ

Welcome to the website of Guernsey NZ - The New Zealand Guernsey Cattle Breeders Association! We are the driving force behind the Guernsey breed of cattle in New Zealand.

The Guernsey is a breed of dairy cattle developed on the Island of Guernsey from cattle brought to the island by monks from France about 980 A.D. The Guernsey breed has many desirable attributes.

This website contains resources for those interested in the Guernsey breed. Guernseys are all around ideal dairy cows which makes them great for small farms and lifestyle blocks, as well as in commercial dairy herds.

We have also pieced together the history of the Guernsey breed both overseas and within New Zealand.


03/05/2012 China given Guernsey bull semen for cross-breed trial
A donation of bull semen from Guernsey will be sent to China as part of a cattle cross-breeding programme.
30/04/2012 Veteran Keyneton dairyfarmer sold on Guernseys
A COMPETITIVE nature drove Keyneton farmer Ray Fiebiger to almost half a century of Guernsey breeding.