15th World Guernsey Conference 2016

You are invited to the World Guernsey Conference 2016

Are you a member of the association or simply interested in the Guernsey breed? Should you be interested in the Guernsey Cow and the progress she is making around the World, this could be for you.

This conference looks at:

  • Fertility: Discussion on the reproductive performance of the Guernsey Breed.  Identify the issues, what we can do to address them and identify strategies to realize the potential of the breed
  • Genomics: Achieving a greater understanding of how Genomics can assist us in breeding a better and more competitive cow
  • International Sharing of Genetics: A presentation on how international trade of germplasm (semen and embryos) works at the level of Biosecurity.  A look also at international live animal shipments.  A discussion on how we can best achieve our desires of sharing genetics in a cost effective and managed way for the benefit of the Guernsey breed
  • Maximising the Value of Milk: A discussion on how we can maximise the value of the milk we produce.  A look into what could potentially be done in order to receive the greatest return for the work that we do towards producing Guernsey milk
  • Continuance of the Guernsey Cow: For our valued Guernsey cow to thrive and prosper and have longevity we must identify how we can continue to farm her in the world of today

We invite you to attend the WGC2016 conference in Hamilton, New Zealand.

14-16th April 2016

UPDATES: View the World Guernsey Conference 2016 Itinerary

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Guernsey NZ welcomes fellow Guernsey Society Members to New Zealand.

The New Zealand experience will allow you to explore our diverse nation from the deep South to the top of the North.  Not only will this be an agricultural adventure where the NZ farming scene will be on show, but also an opportunity for you to visit stunning scenery and encounter the truly unique experiences of New Zealand.

The Mighty Waikato, NZ’s dairy industry engine room will host the 2016 conference.  Timing of the pre tour and conference will be in our autumn (March—April).

This conference will be for the Guernsey farmers and interested others that want to have a uniquely New Zealand experience.  Register your interest in coming to Aotearoa ‘The land of the long white cloud’  by leaving your contact details at the information desk at conference or contact us via our website www.guernsey.co.nz

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Whakataukī  Māori Proverb

Māori: "Whāia e koe te iti kahurangi: nga Rangatahi he Rangatira mo apopo."

English: "Seek that which is most precious: as the up and coming will be the leaders for tomorrow."


For enquiries, please contact nzguernsey@yahoo.co.nz