History of the Association

Guernsey NZ LogoHistory of the Guernsey New Zealand Cattle Breeders Association

The present NZ Guernsey Association was formed in 1970 when a new group of people, some whom were familiar with the Guernsey Breed in England. Over this period of time interest in the breed was encouraged by forming provincial branches, and from within these branches fieldays were promoted. Semen was available from England, Guernsey Island, Australia, Canada and USA. Calves were appearing on the school calf club judging days and the Guernsey was being recognised.

By about 1990 the Breed Association became a member of the Livestock Improvement Database and all animal registrations were processed through this. Herd Testing data was also coming available and the breed was starting to prove its ability to perform with milk in the vat.

Cattle numbers are small and are spread from Northland down to the South of Gore. Semen sales indicate that a number of farmers throughout the country use the breed for hybrid vigour in cross-breeding. The only unfortunate aspect in breeding with the Guernsey is the inability to convert the bull proofs from overseas bulls to New Zealand proofs. Until we can do this we have to accept the lower BW as the ancestry only comes from the dam. This makes it difficult to attract young farmers as they are all educated to buy and sell on BW. This aside the future of the Guernsey as a crossbreed animal is very exciting given the chance.

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