The history of Guernseys in New Zealand

  • 1920's: First cattle imported from Australia to N.Z., though through cross-breeding became non-existant.
  • 1950's: Cattle imported from Tasmania to Christchurch area. First association was formed which ran from 1957-1963.
  • 1975: Herd Improvement Hamilton provided first semen from 6 Guernsey Bulls.
  • 1978: New Zealand Guernsey Breeders Group established.
  • 1979: Stratford-Taranaki A&P Show became the first show to include classes for Guernseys.
  • 1980: Waikato Branch formed - went into recess, but was reformed again in 1982.
  • 1981: Guernsey cattle shown at New Plymouth-Taranaki A&P Show.
  • 1982: Became the Guernsey Cattle Breeders Association of New Zealand.
  • 1983: First time represented at the National Fieldays.
  • 1984: N.Z. Guernsey Breeders visited England for the Centenary of the English Guernsey Cattle Society.
  • 1985: First sale this decade of Guernsey Cattle. Guernsey Cattle shown for the first time at Morrinsville A&P Show.
  • 1986: English and Guernsey Island Cattle Breeders visited herds in the Waikato and Taranaki on their way to Australia for the 5th World Conference. N.Z. Breeders attended the conference and were represented on the World Federation at its formation. Guernsey Cattle were shown for the first time at the Te Awamutu A&P SHow.
  • 1988: Formation of a classifying team to help set acceptable standards for breeding the N.Z. Guernsey.
  • 1989: N.Z. Breeders attended Canadian World Conference. N.Z. President Mr. J. Lichtwark was elected Vice-chairman of the World Federation.
  • 1990: Became a member of Database at L.I.C. First semen was collected and used from N.Z. bred bulls.
  • 1991: Guernsey Cattle were shown for the first time at Te Kauwhata.

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