A2 Milk

Guernsey cow udderWhat is A2 milk?

The term "A2 Milk" is a reference to the two distinct types of protein found in milk: A1 β-casein and A2 β-casein. There is a single genetic difference between the two types of protein, but it is believed to be significant in it's impact upon the human body. A1 β-casein is thought to be responsible for the epidemic of heart disease around the world.

The Components  of Guernsey Milk and the A2 link

The Guernsey breed is reputed to have a very high incidence of the A2 gene in their populations around the world.  Higher levels of Beta Carotene are found in their milk compared to other mainstream breeds. Guernsey milk is also more diverse in its fat composition with a larger range of fat molecule sizes lending itself to greater digestibility and potential use in a diversity of cultured dairy products.